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The Village Websmith - Web Design & Services for Blaisdon,, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Blaisdon lies about 8 miles South West of Gloucester on the edge of the Severn flood plain. Before the Norman Invasion it was known as Blethes Dene, meaning 'wooded place'. The village turns towards the rich farmland of the Vale of Gloucester, and its land is predominantly fertile, once with many orchards growing the 'Blaisdon Plum'. Always small, the village is protected by the barriers of the River Severn and Forest of Dean The centuries were hardly noticed here, and even the Civil War of 1642 passed by it. The early houses were timber framed, built with Forest Oak, but a disastrous fire on 7th July 1699 destroyed most of the village. Subsequent rebuilding was in stone or brick, but some timber framed buildings remain. In the 18th Century the village estate was owned by Robert Hayle and John Wade, whose daughter Anna Gordon ran the estate until its sale in 1865. The Great Western Railway connected the village to the Hereford -Gloucester branch line in 1852, and steam trains could be heard in the village until 1964. </p><p>A rising industrialist, Henry Crawshay acquired most of Blaisdon in the 1860's, and rebuilt the nave of the church in 1866. Blaisdon Hall was built in 1876 for his son Edwin. By 1890 the hall and most of the estate had passed to Peter Stubbs, who built the entrance Lodge to Blaisdon Hall, the Village hall and the Forge. At the stud farm he bred Blaisdon Conqueror - the worlds largest shire horse, whose bones lie in the British Museum. On his death in 1906 Peter Stubbs eldest daughter, Mary Helen Macwer inherited the main hall and built the estate houses in the village centre, and the Gamekeepers Lodge. With her husband Colin, she ran the Estate until her death in 1928.The Salesians of Don Bosco acquired Blaisdon Hall as a seminary in the 1930's, and ran the Stud farm as a mixed farm school. A valued part of the village community, all visitors were made welcome at their home, until they left in 1995. Hartpury Agricultural College took the hall until 1999 when it returned to private ownership. For more information, please call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to email

Photo from Featured Project near Blaisdon
Welcome to Thrilling Thursday

<p>Thursday draws its name from the old English for thunder, a translation of a Latin name for Jupiter's Day. Few things make impact on people like thunder. Impact is vital to make sales. Today let's look at a face to face sales technique that I have introduced to many of the sales people I have worked with over the years.<br /><br />I named this 'Future Success History' when working for Olympus as every aspect of sales training in the corporate world is incomplete without a catchy name and a decent three letter acronym. More seriously though, this is a way of making the sales process work in your favour by 'remembering' that the meeting has already happened with a favourable outcome. Once something has happened it can't un-happen.</p><p>It works like this. Before every meeting, spend time envisioning the person you are going to talk to. Imagine every statement, every question and every gesture. See yourself presenting the aspects of your business that the customer concerned relates positively to. See yourself presenting the proposal and the customer being delighted to sign the order, write a deposit cheque or take whatever step you use in your business to oonfirn the go-ahead. Do this over and over again until it becomes a memory.<br /><br />Run through the memory again on the way to the meeting and take a few minutes outisde to go over it again before entering the building. This order has been placed as far as you are concerned, and there can be only one outcome; a positive result for your business.<br /><br />It is as simple as that.<br /><br />Don't just take my word for it though. Muhammad Ali, arguably the world's greatest heavyweight boxer used exactly this technique before every fight (Ali called it 'Future History').<br /><br />Where does your website come in? With skillfully written content, you can pre-inform potential customers and shape the questions that will be asked when you meet them face to face. Presenting the different facets of your business MOJO in an easy to navigate way allows people to find the relevant information and start to form a positive opinion, which you merely have to reinforce when in front of them.<br /><br />With the Village Websmith's managed content services it is easy. Sinde 1976, we have been delivering sales messages for all kinds of businesses; face to face, in print, through advertising and for the last ten years over the Internet. To talk over delivery of your own sales message, call us on 0203 239 0350 or click in the header of any page to send an email.</p>
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